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Patricia Rose Patricia Rose

Songs of peace and love
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I have been singing since the age of 2. I have always sung. As a teenager, I used to bring large groups of my friends to tears as I played and sang for them around a cool summer's night campfire on Long Sands Beach in York, Maine. I grew up singing what I call "heart throbin' tunes"- songs of love; songs from the heart.

And I have experimented with a wide range of music. From folk, contemporary, Andrew Lloyd Webber, pop, liturgical, and Motown. I have done fairs, talent shows (I even won a Gong Show held by the York Chamber back when I was a teenager), holiday gatherings, weddings, parties, and other special occasions. To broaden my range, I got into a Motown band in 1991 as a backup singer, and have been involved in that venue ever since. I have been with my current group, Hello Detroit, since 1995. We are a 10 piece Motown review with a jamming horn section. A little different aspect of my career! But I love the energy of Motown. It is a nice compliment to my other music. It's a great release, too, from my day job as a Real Estate Broker.

Since 1981, I have accompanied myself on guitar at the Saturday Mass at St. Christopher's in York, ME (accompanied for many years by my friend Agnes on flute), and have played the singing role of Mary for 10 years in their Easter play musical To God Be The Glory. I even sang and accompanied myself on guitar at my own wedding! It's in my bones; I just love to sing!

Though I have been gifted with a natural talent for singing, I have tried to extend my capabilities by taking voice lessons from various exceptional teachers who have showed me how to better project the feelings that I have for my music outward to my audience. Whenever I find myself out dining and there is a piano player, I am usually invited to sing a couple of songs; it's great fun!

So, if you have an event you are planning, think of me. I promise to bring a very special touch to your special occasion.

Remember, they are: songs from the heart. Songs meant just for you...

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